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I can’t believe these two have been married for almost an entire year.

(Side note: it just takes that long to finally get around to blogging!)

Remember Kaylee and Taylor? Or as we call them, “Taylee!” HOW could you forget these two gems? I gushed about how lucky Memphis is to have this powerhouse of a couple! Kaylee and Taylor are truly our biggest cheerleaders. They are always shouting our name from the rooftops and loving on us at all times. We can’t thank them enough for all they have done for us and our small business.

Kaylee and Taylor got married at The Tower Center, here in Memphis. Kaylee’s mom told us that the view, venue, and photographer were top priorities of theirs, and we felt so special to be included in such a special day. Being the Memphis loving couple they are, Kaylee and Taylor tied the knot on top of the city, and I can’t think of any better spot than The Tower Center for them to become Mr. + Mrs. Kaylee and Taylor’s wedding vibe was classy, sophisticated, and chic. I would expect NOTHING less from these stylish folks. There were gold and sequin drapery, florals adorning every chandelier, and glitter galore. It made our photographer hearts SKIP a beat.

Holly + Ivy did Kaylee and Taylor’s flowers, and they did such a wonderful job. Kaylee’s bouquet included cascading gold ribbons that provided the perfect amount of sparkle. Kasey Acuff did Kaylee’s makeup which was flawless the entire night, even as she danced the night away. Kaylee’s talented sister Madison created all of the cakes that were not only gorgeous, but also delicious.

Since The Tower Room is at the very top of Clark Tower, we had to find an outside location for photos. We decided on Overton Park. Despite the heat, it was the perfect place for portraits. Thankfully, Kaylee and Taylor saw each other before their ceremony, which enabled them to dance the night away at their reception. Seconds before Taylor turned around to see Kaylee for the first time, he said “Are you ready to see your fixer upper?” That pretty much goes down as our favorite first look moment in history.

Kaylee and Taylor, we love you guys to pieces and are beyond thankful for the love and support you’ve ALWAYS provided. Memphis wouldn’t be the same without you guys!

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What can I say about this incredible couple that I didn’t already mention HERE?

Even though Kendall and William’s wedding was last July, we feel like it just happened. Kendall started off as a sweet girl who inquired with me, and now I will forever call her a friend. She’s one of those girls you can just always count on. It’s no secret why both Kendall and William had about 1,000 wedding guests. They are SOOOOO very loved.

These love birds got ready downtown at The Peabody Hotel, and then got married at Immaculate Conception. They had their reception at The Cadre downtown so their wedding guests were able to get a good dose of good ole Memphis. It was so fitting for their classy, timeless personalities. Naturally, July in Memphis is HOTTTTT, that is a given. I won’t lie, this July afternoon was exceptionally hot, and Kendall and William handled it like the champions they are. Kendall got unbearably nervous just seconds before her first look with William, but as soon as he turned around and hugged her, her nerves subsided. These two are absolutely perfect for each other.

We were able to get all of the formal portraits done before the ceremony, so Kendall and William were able to dash off to their reception. When we arrived at their reception, our photographer hearts fluttered. The flowers and decor provided by Garden District and Mona Dunlap were swoon worthy! The delicious food was served by CFY Catering and of course, it was the talk of the evening!

Kendall’s makeup was done by Queen Kasey Acuff herself and Kendall’s long blonde locks were done by Elaine Clayton from Salon 387. Kendall turned every single guest’s head in her stunning Maggie Louise gown. It was romantic, classic, and so Kendall.

Kendall and William, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to capture these sweet moments! We love you dearly!

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I could go on for years about how precious sweet Katie and Justin are. I mean, I really could.

The story of how we were connected with J+K is pretty spectacular and truly shows God’s hand at work. Katie and Justin actually live HERE in Memphis. We didn’t know each other what so ever before she inquired with me about her Sonoma, California wedding. You heard that correctly.

While John and I were living in San Francisco, we got an email from the sweetest little Katie we ever did meet. She informed us she actually lived in Memphis, but was getting married at St. Francis Winery + Vineyards in Sonoma, California. John and I both read her email and thought “This has just got to be too good to be true.” BUT, as fate would have it, it WASN’T. After many emails, Katie + Justin booked with us. We rented a car (since it’s basically impossible to have one in San Francisco, unless you’re a CEO or Taylor Swift herself) and drove ourselves to her stunning venue. We saw sights we probably would have never seen if not for J+K.

Katie brought her Maggie Louise gown ALLLLLLL the way from Memphis, and she absolutely rocked it. We were not prepared for the breathtaking views that St. Francis Winery had in store for us. It lightly misted all day but the fog rolled in and made for some of the most etherial photos we’ve ever taken. J+K tied the knot in front of just their family and I can’t imagine them doing it any other way. It was so sentimental, so private, and so meaningful. We felt proud to be a small part of their special day.

Since their wedding last March, we’ve run into these sweet babes a few times. They’re the kind of people you just want to hug tight, aka, the best kind of people.

J+K we hope you enjoy reliving these images as much as we did!


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