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Ashley + Cody- Spring Creek Ranch Wedding/ Memphis Wedding Photographer

Well, I’m just a ball of emotions over here over Ashley and Cody’s Spring Creek Ranch wedding. Why? WHY.NOT?!

We actually didn’t meet Ashley and Cody until their wedding day. Obviously they were just as adorable as we imagined!

Despite the gorgeous photos below, June 4th was actually a pretty stressful day in terms of weather. Throughout the duration of Ashley and Cody’s engagement, they were both 100% set on not seeing each other before the ceremony. Since they were going to have plenty of light after their ceremony, it was totally fine to wait. The day of the wedding, it was 100% chance of rain during their ceremony and after. Ashley and Cody had to make a hard decision, despite tradition see each other for the sake of photos, OR, keep tradition and risk the chance of having no outdoor photos.

They made the right decision, and we are so glad they did.

Ashley found her stunning gown from The Barefoot Bride, and she completely rocked it. Ashley and Cody were very creative in their first look. Ashley walked out holding white balloons in front of her face, and when she was ready, Cody turned around. The first thing they did was reach through the strings tied to the balloons and intertwined fingers. Both of their faces were absolutely perfect. . From that moment on, I felt misty eyed for the rest of the day. If you know me at all, you know I can’t stand crying in public. I hate that people feel they have to comfort you or fix it, but I just couldn’t hold it in on this day.

When Ashley’s dad walked her down the narrow aisle, I felt myself get a little choked up again. I said to myself “PULL IT TOGETHER KELLY, YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL.” Seriously, at that point in my life I had done over 150 weddings, no issues. So I got a grip, and continued shooting. I made the mistake of watching Ashley’s dad during the ceremony and noticed the tears pouring down his face. Luckily I had a tissue in my bag so I was able to chug along. When the ceremony was over John whispered “Dude, are you gonna make it?” hahahahaha. He knows it’s very unlike me to get emotional. After all, being focused is my main priority.

After Ashley and Cody’s wedding was over, even weeks after, even now, I have a great appreciation for our job. It’s the best job ever, and I will never take it for granted.

Ashley and Cody, you both are blessings! Thank you and your precious families for allowing us  to spend the day with you all!


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