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Remember these cute kids, Natalie and Grant?

I gushed over how much John and I adore them both in this post.

Natalie and Grant got married at Grant’s family home in Columbia, Tennessee. Talk about a charming town, John and I both are just itching to go back. Since we know Natalie’s whole family from her sister and brother-in-law, Kelly and Dusty’s wedding that we shot over three years ago, we felt super comfortable around everyone. We finally met Grant’s family, and they were just as welcoming and loving as the entire Rash family. If there is one thing we know, it’s that Natalie and Grant are extremely loved!

Natalie and Grant had their ceremony on the Jernigan family land, with a gorgeous draped alter adorned with the most gorgeous florals. They were able to get the majority of their formal portraits done before the ceremony. It was wonderful, because there were so many great opportunities we were able to take advantage of. Their bridal party’s attire was a pale pink and a light grey which was perfect for their June wedding. Natalie got her stunning mermaid flair gown at Maggie Louise, here in Collierville, Tennessee. Natalie and Grant’s wedding decor involved organic wreaths with speckles of pastels and gold.

Although it was one of the hottest days of the year, Natalie and Grant never complained once. They were such troopers about the heat and a smile never left their faces.

These love birds danced the night away in their family’s barn where their reception was held.

This lovely couple’s wedding was also featured on Borrowed and Blue which you can view HERE!

As always, it’s such an joy to work alongside VMWeddings, who Natalie and Grant hired to film their wedding. The video is incredible (per usual) so be sure to click HERE to watch it.

Natalie and Grant, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us spend the day with you, enjoy!

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Well, I’m just a ball of emotions over here over Ashley and Cody’s Spring Creek Ranch wedding. Why? WHY.NOT?!

We actually didn’t meet Ashley and Cody until their wedding day. Obviously they were just as adorable as we imagined!

Despite the gorgeous photos below, June 4th was actually a pretty stressful day in terms of weather. Throughout the duration of Ashley and Cody’s engagement, they were both 100% set on not seeing each other before the ceremony. Since they were going to have plenty of light after their ceremony, it was totally fine to wait. The day of the wedding, it was 100% chance of rain during their ceremony and after. Ashley and Cody had to make a hard decision, despite tradition see each other for the sake of photos, OR, keep tradition and risk the chance of having no outdoor photos.

They made the right decision, and we are so glad they did.

Ashley found her stunning gown from The Barefoot Bride, and she completely rocked it. Ashley and Cody were very creative in their first look. Ashley walked out holding white balloons in front of her face, and when she was ready, Cody turned around. The first thing they did was reach through the strings tied to the balloons and intertwined fingers. Both of their faces were absolutely perfect. . From that moment on, I felt misty eyed for the rest of the day. If you know me at all, you know I can’t stand crying in public. I hate that people feel they have to comfort you or fix it, but I just couldn’t hold it in on this day.

When Ashley’s dad walked her down the narrow aisle, I felt myself get a little choked up again. I said to myself “PULL IT TOGETHER KELLY, YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL.” Seriously, at that point in my life I had done over 150 weddings, no issues. So I got a grip, and continued shooting. I made the mistake of watching Ashley’s dad during the ceremony and noticed the tears pouring down his face. Luckily I had a tissue in my bag so I was able to chug along. When the ceremony was over John whispered “Dude, are you gonna make it?” hahahahaha. He knows it’s very unlike me to get emotional. After all, being focused is my main priority.

After Ashley and Cody’s wedding was over, even weeks after, even now, I have a great appreciation for our job. It’s the best job ever, and I will never take it for granted.

Ashley and Cody, you both are blessings! Thank you and your precious families for allowing us  to spend the day with you all!


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Are you guys ready to meet THE sweetest couple there is? Lindsey and Chris are that couple.

When we met Lindsey and Chris for the first time, I just had to hug them both. We lived in San Francisco when Lindsey and Chris hired us, so we met them for the first time only about a week before their wedding. Like quite a few engaged couples, Lindsey and Chris had quite a bit going on right around their wedding date. Chris also graduated from Seminary school the week before his wedding. Lindsey posted the cutest photo on Instagram the day Chris graduated that said “He got his B.A. and next Friday I get my M.R.S.” John and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the newlywed adventures Lindsey and Chris go on.

A random fact that should paint the crystal clear photo of how awesome Lindsey is: she bought her dress at the same boutique I did, B. Hughes. (Clearly, Lindsey has great taste!)

Lindsey and Chris got married at the stunning Cedar Hall. Rain was in the forecast and there were a few times we had to take cover, but with Cedar Hall as the backdrop, you have quite the variety of portrait locations. Lindsey and Chris made the extremely wise decision to hire Lynn Doyle Flowers for their wedding, and like always, Lynn Doyle NEVER disappoints.

Lindsey and Chris, thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us the honor of capturing your special day.


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What’s to say about Paul and Chloe that I didn’t already say in this post?

This past May, John and I had the honor of shooting my best friend’s little brother’s wedding (how’s that for making you think on a Friday, woah.)

I had never been to the Norris Damn State Park, but it only took a few seconds for us to realize why Paul and Chloe loved it so much. In fact, I asked Chloe what sold her on this venue, and she said she remembered going to summer camps here. She would have “pretend weddings” (don’t even act like you didn’t do that too, we all did) and had a feeling she’d one day get married here IRL (in real life, for those of you who also had to google those three letters.)

The ceremony was held at an amphitheater made of stone. The aisle was lined with lanterns and twine rapped bottles that held baby’s breath. It was a precious DIY wedding that all came together by the hard work of both Paul and Chloe and their families. They are so very loved.

Paul and Chloe didn’t see each other before their ceremony, but planned a large portion of time immediately following the ceremony for bride and groom portraits.

Now would be a good time to wrap up my rambling, and also warn you that you WILL NEED a tissue or two for this one, guys.

Paul and Chloe, thanks again for letting us capture these moments for you! We love you!

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