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I have a confession. I have been hoarding this wedding like a new celebrity mom hoards their new babies from the paparazzi. (How’s that for drama and being descriptive?)

Why? Because these two are just so precious, and I feel like I’m exposing how perfect they are. 100% a ridiculous concept, but it’s the truth.

Remember Abby and Clay’s engagement session? I think it’s still one of our very favorites. Their energy as a couple, their natural connection, how content they are just being together, all of the above made for an amazing engagement session.

These love birds tied the knot in May at Mallard’s Croft. Mallard’s Croft provided the perfect backdrop of rolling hills, sunflower fields, and a classic farm style twang that Clay and Abby desired.

Abby got her dress from the wonderful Barefoot Bride, and I nearly fainted when I saw it. The delicate lace folded over Abby’s shoulders so romantically, and it photographed beautifully. Abby and Clay’s florals were done by the talented Holly and Ivy.

As cliche as it sounds, my favorite moment of the day was Clay’s face when he saw Abby walking up the hill from the barn. They didn’t see each other before the ceremony, and I’m sure they would both agree, that moment was one they will always remember. A close second to Clay’s reaction seeing Abby, were Clay’s vows to Abby. Rarely do I get emotional anymore during ceremonies (simply because I am too focused to do so) but I remember hearing Clay’s vows thinking “well, damn. He’s killing it right now.”

“”I promise to hike every trail, stand under every waterfall, and sleep under every constellation with you under God’s creation, as often as we are able. I promise to always be physically, emotionally, and spiritually available to you as we enjoy and endure this life together…..”

Just a few words from Clay’s vows ^^^ I mean………..

I’ll stop with the chattiness so you can get to the goods.

Clay and Abby, a giant thank you and plenty of hugs for letting us capture these memories for you. Enjoy.

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I feel like alllllllllllll of my posts start out the same. Me bragging about how wonderful our couples are. Well friends, this post (and couple) is no different. Completely wonderful in every single way.

Meet Kendall and Jackson. These absolute babes graduated from college ONE week before their wedding. Talk about handling change well, these guys seem like well-seasoned professionals.

We met Kendall and Jackson just a few days before their wedding. We chatted multiple times with them before and became Facebook friends but since we lived in San Francisco until the month of their wedding, we had to wait to meet in person. As they were walking up, John and I had the same thought “ Could they be any cuter?” We talked about how they both met each other at Rhodes College (for those of you who don’t live in Memphis or the surrounding areas, you’ll have to Google it. It’s stunning and reminds me of Hogwarts.) They also told us about their army of a bridal party they were going to have. Kendall had 11 bridesmaids and Jackson had 9 groomsmen and they were all a complete blast. Kendall’s maids wore different shades of pastels and held wildflower bouquets. Jackson’s groomsmen all wore matching navy suits paired with a touch of yellow boutonnieres. Kendall wore an Amsale gown that nearly knocked Jackson off of his feet as she walked down the aisle. Funny story, I actually tried on Kendall’s exact dress when I was engaged. It’s still one of my very favorite dresses and I was simply giddy when I unzipped the bag it was in.

Kendall and Jackson were married in May of 2016 at the lovely Cedar Hall in Bartlett, Tennessee. Although these love birds didn’t see each other before their ceremony, they planned accordingly and wanted to spend quite a bit of time after the ceremony to get a plethora of bride and groom  portraits. They really were still able to utilize all of Cedar Hall’s unique grounds.

Since Kendall and Jackson’s wedding, John and I have throughly enjoyed watching their newlywed adventures. They are both some of our biggest cheerleaders. They are always throwing compliments our way, wishing us well, and supporting us all around. These selfless souls truly deserve each other, and we’ll never stop counting our blessings they chose us to capture their sweetest day.

Kendall and Jackson, thank you, thank you, thank you!


To see Kendall and Jackson’s wedding featured on Borrowed and Blue click (HERE!)


Known vendor credits:

Venue: Cedar Hall

Florist: Brittany Rhodes

Hair: Gretchen – Fringe Hair Co.

Makeup: Katie Norman

Dress: Amsale

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Morgan + Paxton are every photographer’s dream couple.

This wedding was in April of 2016, but hey, better late than never, right?

These guys booked us back when we lived in San Francisco, so we didn’t get to meet them until the night before their wedding at their rehearsal dinner. John and I were saying hi and introducing ourselves, I was telling Morgan how much I love the name “Paxton” because of my small obsession with Bill Paxton (hello Titanic, Twister, True Lives, and Big Love) to which Morgan replied “well, they’re related.” Cue ALLLLLLL the fan girl tears and all the heart eye emojis. It took me a minute to realize she wasn’t kidding, but it’s true. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make the wedding (which was probably best because I don’t know that I would have been able to stop the drooling and embarrassing myself) regardless, not only does Paxton have a cool name, he also has a cool relative (Hi, Bill!)

Morgan and Paxton tied the knot at the historic mansion, Hunt-Phelan. John and I had never shot there before, but we instantly fell in love. I’m not sure how much you can love wallpaper without being weird, whatever it was, I was at that point. (Trust me, it was stunning.) Wanda from Hunt-Phelan greeted us and was so friendly and so helpful the entire day. She puts brides at ease and makes their day even more wonderful.

Morgan and Paxton’s wedding was featured in the 2016 Pink Bride Magazine!

These guys tied the knot with part of the Memphis skyline behind them. Right after they kissed, fireworks coincidentally went off, and they danced the entire night away after that. It truly was magical. Morgan and Paxton, thank you so much for allowing us to capture such sweet memories! You guys were an absolute blast!


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Are you guys ready for our 2016 year in review? Every year I say “I’m not doing a review, they take too long, and I have too much current work to edit.” But guess what, every year, I (with John’s help) still compile one. I’m glad we do. God has been so good to us and all glory goes to him. Everyone jokes (including myself) on how badly 2017 needs to be here. When we look back on 2016, it was one of our very best years. Why?

Well, we lived in San Francisco for the first 6 months of 2016. We had adventures we never dreamed we’d see in 2016. We bought our first home here in Tennessee in 2016. Our precious nephew, Luke, was born in 2016 (who is featured QUITE a few times below.) We became country club members this year (and our resolution is to get the HECK in shape at their gym.) We had our best business year in 2016. We made new friends in 2016. We hired our first intern in 2016. We had hard times and prevailed, hand in hand, together in 2016. So although there were a few not so great moments in 2016 (as there are in every year) we have full hearts as we move forward to 2017.

To our sweet couples and families who gave us the privilege of capturing fleeting moments for you in 2016, you’ve made us so happy and so thankful. It’s because of you that John and I get to fulfill our dream of working together doing what we do best, documenting the most important days of your lives.

I admit in almost every post that I talk too much, apparently this one is no different. Enough from us, enjoy!

Cheers, 2016.

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You may remember these cuties (if not, check out their Spring Creek Ranch engagement session, here!)

Brigitte and Jeff were married last July at the gorgeous Spring Creek Ranch. I wish I could tell you they had the perfect 65 degree temperature with a light breeze, but it was actually the hottest day of the year. NO. JOKE. At one point, Jeff’s shirt was entirely soaked. Both Brigitte and Jeff totally toughed it out like kings and queens, and these images still absolutely BLOW us away.

Brigitte and her dad did a first look (which we love and see even more often these days) and it was one of our favorite moments from the day. It’s no secret that Brigitte is a daddy’s girl. We even remember that he’s the one who brought precious Thor (Jeff and Brigitte’s spunky labrador puppy) to join them for a few engagement photos. (You seriously have to check out their engagement session, Thor is THE cutest!!!)

My tulle loving, champagne colored heart almost couldn’t even handle Brigitte’s dress (in the “I.JUST.CAN’T” kind of way.) It was breathtaking against her porcelain skin, light hair, and bright eyes. Jeff nearly had the wind knocked out of him when he turned around during their intimate first look.

We’re so excited we finally are able to blog this dreamy wedding!

Brigitte and Jeff, thank you so much for giving us this honor!


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