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Addy and Brett’s wedding goes down in history as one of the most intimate, intentional weddings we’ve ever had the honor of capturing. There’s just NO WAY you could have forgotten this adorable couple’s engagement session.

Addy + Brett had an intimate backyard wedding at a private residence in Arlington, Tennessee. When we first arrived, I nearly cried when I saw Addy’s dress. It was so dainty and simple, yet one of the most lovely and flattering fits I’d ever seen. She has impeccable taste, and she purchased her gown at Barefoot Bride! Addy had loose, romantic curls that Gretchen Campbell from Fringe did. The Flower Girls did not disappoint with Addy and Brett’s stunning florals. Their bold pops of color made such a statement.

Addy and Brett decided to stick with tradition and not see each other until the ceremony. We typically try and educate our couples on the pros and cons on first looks, but ultimately it’s their decision, and because Addy and Brett’s wedding was in May, they had tons of time and light for photos after the ceremony. It was a win win.

I have to mention one absolutely perfect moment from Addy and Brett’s day. Brett had a letter for Addy to read, which is pretty standard for bride and grooms on wedding days. The only difference with Brett and Addy’s was, Brett wrote his letter to Addy in September, 2013. Before Brett had even proposed. He knew he’d marry her long before their wedding day. This nearly moved John and I to tears. That’s the thing about Brett and Addy. They don’t do anything without pure intention.

Addy walked down the aisle to “Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last and I honestly don’t know if there was a dry eye in sight. Such a perfect song for these two sweet souls.

Addy and Brett, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to capture your most special memories! We love you guys!


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I know there is just no possible way you guys could have forgotten sweet Lauren and Brandon.

What could I possibly say about these adorable love birds that I didn’t already say in their engagement blog?

Lauren and Brandon got married this past June at the stunning Heartwood Hall. It was absolutely humid and hot as you’d imagine, but the heat never once stopped Lauren and Brandon from being absolutely ecstatic and giddy the entire day. During Lauren and Brandon’s first look, Lauren let out the most adorable screech just out of pure excitement. It was one of the most memorable first looks we’ve ever done. Brandon was in complete shock over his blushing bride (as he should have been, because this girl is a KNOCK OUT!)

Lauren and Brandon hired Lynn Doyle Flowers as their florist, and it was impossible not to hear the wedding guests go on and on about how lovely everything was. Kasey Acuff did Lauren’s makeup, and let me tell you, it stayed on through the heat, tears of joy, and serious dance floor moves.

I think if John and I had to sum this wedding up in one word, it would be “sweet.” Honestly, Lauren is such a sweet girl. Brandon is an absolute gentleman, and SO sweet to Lauren. They speak to each other so kindly, and lovingly, it’s truly refreshing to see these days. Their ceremony was absolutely one of the sweetest we’ve been a part of, so meaningful and sincere.

Lauren and Brandon, thank you for giving us the absolute honor of capturing your sweetest and most precious days! We adore you both!

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Who could forget Tiffany + Patrick’s tulip dreamland engagement session at The Dixon Gallery and Gardens?

I’m pretty sure their images made every single person in Memphis, engaged or not, take a tour of the Tulips at the Dixon. We absolutely love this venue (with or without the tulips) because it just has so much to offer.

One of our favorite parts about Tiffany and Patrick’s wedding was the placement of their ceremony. We’ve shot several weddings at the Dixon, and we had never seen anyone have their ceremony in that location. We freaking loved it. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I have a feeling, they will be trendsetters for weddings in the future at the Dixon. Tiffany and Patrick hired Ashley Oldham of 117 Event Design, and thanks to her and all of T + P’s wonderful vendors, the day went on without a hitch! Kasey Acuff did Tiffany’s makeup, and it lasted the entire night (even with tears of joy and killer dance moves!) Emily McElhaney did Tiffany’s hair and it didn’t move the entire night (and Tiffany truly danced the night away with Patrick.) Tiffany and Patrick hired Holliday Flowers and Events as their florists, and we heard the guests constant comments on how gorgeous it all looked. DeepBlu Entertainment rocked the entire night away (as always) under a gorgeous clear tint with dozens of sparkling strung lights that made the night feel even more enchanting! CFY Catering knocked it out of the ballpark once again with some of the most delicious food, the guests just kept coming back for more. VMWeddings Studio were Tiffany and Patrick’s wedding videographers and we cannot recommend them enough. They are absolutely wonderful and you can view T + P’s highlight video here.

Tiffany and Patrick are some of the greatest people we’ve ever worked with. They listened and trusted our direction and their day was absolutely flawless. At one point, Tiffany requested that the some of the underlying netting in her dress be cut because it kept catching. As apprehensive as I was to take an actual KNIFE to her dress, she assured me it was fine and what she wanted. I’ve never been so nervous and made 15 people be my witness. Haha, we love how they fully trusted us. Tiffany and Patrick, we hope you guys enjoy re-living this special day!

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Remember Sarah and Beck (aka Chris Martin?)

What’s left to say about these babes that I didn’t say in their engagement session post? (^) There is no couple we would have rather spent Earth Day with than sweet Sarah + Beck.

It actually rained/misted most of Sarah and Beck’s day, but that didn’t get them down even a little. Sarah and Beck had their ceremony at Colonial Park United Methodist Church which is where they did their private first look. Thankfully this church in particular, had great covered areas for outdoor photos. Since Sarah and Beck’s first date was at Hog and Hominy, it only made sense to take a few fun bride and groom portraits there. Sarah and Beck got to sip champagne and split a peanut butter pie (which we all highly recommend) in the VERY same booth they had their first date in. That’s one thing we love most about Sarah and Beck. They are extremely intentional, and it truly reflects in their photos. Sarah nearly brought Beck to his knees in her stunning Anne Barge gown she purchased from Maggie Louise Bridal.

After snapping a few shots at Hog and Hominy, we went back to the church to wrap up with the rest of the formal portraits. Minutes before the ceremony, Sarah had gifts for both of her parents and then her precious dad prayed over them both. We absolutely love Sarah and Beck for so many reasons, and being with them on their wedding day was so incredible. Through Sarah and Beck’s engagement, we got to know her family (which doesn’t happen very often) and now we just love them so much as well. Sarah and Beck are so very loved by all who know them, and that was obvious for all to see.

Sarah and Beck’s reception was at The Memphis Zoo at Teton Trek. The stunning florals were provided by L and Jay Productions.

Sarah and Beck had Amy Tyler Weddings and +Events  as their wedding planner and the day ran smoothly! Sarah and Beck and their guests were completely entertained and danced the entire night away thanks to The Soul Shockers. Sarah’s makeup lasted the entire night (despite rain, tears, and killer dance moves) thanks to none other than Queen Kasey Acuff.

Sarah and Beck, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day.


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