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I could go on for years about how precious sweet Katie and Justin are. I mean, I really could.

The story of how we were connected with J+K is pretty spectacular and truly shows God’s hand at work. Katie and Justin actually live HERE in Memphis. We didn’t know each other what so ever before she inquired with me about her Sonoma, California wedding. You heard that correctly.

While John and I were living in San Francisco, we got an email from the sweetest little Katie we ever did meet. She informed us she actually lived in Memphis, but was getting married at St. Francis Winery + Vineyards in Sonoma, California. John and I both read her email and thought “This has just got to be too good to be true.” BUT, as fate would have it, it WASN’T. After many emails, Katie + Justin booked with us. We rented a car (since it’s basically impossible to have one in San Francisco, unless you’re a CEO or Taylor Swift herself) and drove ourselves to her stunning venue. We saw sights we probably would have never seen if not for J+K.

Katie brought her Maggie Louise gown ALLLLLLL the way from Memphis, and she absolutely rocked it. We were not prepared for the breathtaking views that St. Francis Winery had in store for us. It lightly misted all day but the fog rolled in and made for some of the most etherial photos we’ve ever taken. J+K tied the knot in front of just their family and I can’t imagine them doing it any other way. It was so sentimental, so private, and so meaningful. We felt proud to be a small part of their special day.

Since their wedding last March, we’ve run into these sweet babes a few times. They’re the kind of people you just want to hug tight, aka, the best kind of people.

J+K we hope you enjoy reliving these images as much as we did!


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Not only are Tiffany and Patrick absolutely adorable, they are also ridiculously lucky.

“Why” you ask? They were able to take complete advantage of The Dixon’s tulips in ALL of their glory. No seriously, I shot there 3-4 weeks later, and they were still kicking, just not nearly as bright and bold as they were during this engagement session. Tiffany and Patrick had originally scheduled their engagement session months before this. School and work schedules got in their way and led them to reschedule, but boy OH boy are we glad they did. This engagement session is by far one of our very favorites to date for obvious reasons.

We actually had never met Tiffany and Patrick until their engagement session. They both introduced themselves, and John and I hugged them both (as we always do.) It only took me about five minutes to accidentally call Patrick “Pat” as if I had known him for 20+ years. I guess Patrick has that effect on people! Luckily Tiffany and Patrick both laughed it off and I told them they could call me whatever they wanted for the rest of the day.

Because of Tiffany, Patrick is much better at sharing french fries now and isn’t that really what love is all about? (hehehe!)

These cute kids are getting married THIS month at The Dixon, and we simply cannot wait to celebrate with them! We’re so thrilled to also be working alongside VMWeddings, Kasey Acuff, Emily McElhaney, and Ashley Oldham of 117 Event Design. Clearly Tiffany and Jackson have great taste!

You guys enjoy!

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Meet Sarah and Beck, everyone!

These cuties are getting married next month on Earth Day, and John and I are thrilled to be a part of this sweet time in their lives.

When Sarah inquired with us initially she made us blush all day. She was full of compliments, knew a handful of friends whose weddings we had shot, and was beyond ecstatic to be getting married. We’ve got along from the get-go! When we set up a meeting, Sarah brought her dad along. We rarely ever get to be involved with FOB’s, but we were thrilled he got to tag along. He was as kind and polite as Sarah (and who doesn’t just love a super involved daddy?!)

Sarah and Beck had their first date at Hog and Hominy here in Memphis (and now I want pizza.) Ever since their first date these two have been inseparable. These guys absolutely love to adventure together, and probably have a suitcase ready to go at all times. Beck (who I’m convinced looks like Chris Martin) actually proposed to Sarah on their trip out west last year. When the newly engaged couple returned back to Memphis they didn’t get home until almost 1 am. To their surprise, they were greeted with balloons galore sprinkled throughout their house and a giant congralutory sign! Sarah and Beck are very loved.

We’re THRILLED to be capturing Sarah and Beck’s day in April, but for now you’ll have to enjoy these sweet images from their engagement session! Sarah was convinced she would be awkward in photos, but this cute couple, along with some warm sunshine, Sarah and Beck both looked like Kings and Queens!

You guys enjoy!

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Remember these cute kids, Natalie and Grant?

I gushed over how much John and I adore them both in this post.

Natalie and Grant got married at Grant’s family home in Columbia, Tennessee. Talk about a charming town, John and I both are just itching to go back. Since we know Natalie’s whole family from her sister and brother-in-law, Kelly and Dusty’s wedding that we shot over three years ago, we felt super comfortable around everyone. We finally met Grant’s family, and they were just as welcoming and loving as the entire Rash family. If there is one thing we know, it’s that Natalie and Grant are extremely loved!

Natalie and Grant had their ceremony on the Jernigan family land, with a gorgeous draped alter adorned with the most gorgeous florals. They were able to get the majority of their formal portraits done before the ceremony. It was wonderful, because there were so many great opportunities we were able to take advantage of. Their bridal party’s attire was a pale pink and a light grey which was perfect for their June wedding. Natalie got her stunning mermaid flair gown at Maggie Louise, here in Collierville, Tennessee. Natalie and Grant’s wedding decor involved organic wreaths with speckles of pastels and gold.

Although it was one of the hottest days of the year, Natalie and Grant never complained once. They were such troopers about the heat and a smile never left their faces.

These love birds danced the night away in their family’s barn where their reception was held.

This lovely couple’s wedding was also featured on Borrowed and Blue which you can view HERE!

As always, it’s such an joy to work alongside VMWeddings, who Natalie and Grant hired to film their wedding. The video is incredible (per usual) so be sure to click HERE to watch it.

Natalie and Grant, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us spend the day with you, enjoy!

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