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Sarah + Beck- Engaged/ Memphis Wedding Photographer

Meet Sarah and Beck, everyone!

These cuties are getting married next month on Earth Day, and John and I are thrilled to be a part of this sweet time in their lives.

When Sarah inquired with us initially she made us blush all day. She was full of compliments, knew a handful of friends whose weddings we had shot, and was beyond ecstatic to be getting married. We’ve got along from the get-go! When we set up a meeting, Sarah brought her dad along. We rarely ever get to be involved with FOB’s, but we were thrilled he got to tag along. He was as kind and polite as Sarah (and who doesn’t just love a super involved daddy?!)

Sarah and Beck had their first date at Hog and Hominy here in Memphis (and now I want pizza.) Ever since their first date these two have been inseparable. These guys absolutely love to adventure together, and probably have a suitcase ready to go at all times. Beck (who I’m convinced looks like Chris Martin) actually proposed to Sarah on their trip out west last year. When the newly engaged couple returned back to Memphis they didn’t get home until almost 1 am. To their surprise, they were greeted with balloons galore sprinkled throughout their house and a giant congralutory sign! Sarah and Beck are very loved.

We’re THRILLED to be capturing Sarah and Beck’s day in April, but for now you’ll have to enjoy these sweet images from their engagement session! Sarah was convinced she would be awkward in photos, but this cute couple, along with some warm sunshine, Sarah and Beck both looked like Kings and Queens!

You guys enjoy!

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